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About Me

Wanda Arroyo is a Chicago freelance writer, who has published three books.  Before becoming an author, Wanda spent some time dabbling in healthcare, hospitality, real estate, and home mortgage loans.  She claims that being a jack of all trades has made her a master of writing.  According to Wanda, exploring other industries has helped to shape her into a well-rounded freelance writer. 

“I know the right questions to ask my clients to achieve the desired results,” says Wanda. 

Aside from helping companies reach their target audience, she also helps mentor aspiring authors through her writing workshops.  Wanda has a passion for helping others find their voice through writing. 

“I enjoy writing, and I understand the importance of putting the right words together to convey a message or express emotions.  I enjoy helping my clients reach their goals or improve their business.  The writing that I provide is focused, effective, and original.”

My Services

  • Advertising copywriting
  • Blog Posts and Website content
  • Brochures and Flyers
  • Business letters
  • Editing services
  • Email copywriting
  • Essays
  • Ghostwriting
  • Menu writing
  • Newsletters
  • Proofreading
  • Resume writing
  • Writer’s workshops

Some of my Clients

My Books

She is the Ish

This is my Superpower!

Fourteen women take you on a journey to reveal their superpower. 

Table for One

Wanda’s life takes a drastic turn when she finds herself single, alone, and looking for love in all the wrong places. Her quest to find love and acceptance leads her on an unforgettable journey.


They did not know what to make of her, so they labeled her a Bitch.

She owned it and became That Bitch.  


New Book Coming Soon!

“Wanda wrote a few letters for immigration on my behalf and she did a fantastic job.”

Maria Sanchez

“Wanda is a thoughtful and thorough writer.  She wrote a reference letter on my behalf.  If I ever need a recommendation again, I would go right back to her.”

Linda Adams

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